Marvit Guitars Apofi SB-5c ViCo/Limited Bassgitarre





Marvit Apophis SB-5c is a masterpiece of workmanship – Precious woods and first choice – The neck through the body – The body is made from alder wood while the top is rare Canadian Maple AAAA+ – Aguilar DCB pickups and OBP-3 preamp – Schaller Bridge 3D – Special Schaller series mechine heads (40% more light) – Strap lock schaller – any instrument is TESTED for 30 days – THEN AGAIN CONTROLLED SETUP – THEN OFFERED FOR SALE

Set enthält:

1 x Bass Apofi

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High quality handmade bass guitar, neck through the body
High quality with electronics and pickups Aguilar
Best quality with Schaller 3d bridge
Checked one by one before being offered for sale
Quality, beauty and design in the best italian tradition

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